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Since young, she had a habit of pulling the blankets above her head to hide from scary things. This time was not an exception as her left hand dragged the blanket and covered both of them. Not only was the movie now playing in the background with no audience watching it, the two were in their own little space on top of each other.


At the same time, Chen Mu raced out of the lab and rushed to see Susu when he heard from Ariana that she was awake. Lin Que decided to stay in the lab to wait for the drug results. Normally, the results don't take that long, but this drug was more complicated than they thought. The drug consists of many substances that shouldn't be combined together, and many of these mixtures would cause serious threats to a patient's life.


"Well, at least she's doing well. I wonder when we can tell her everything. Would it be too soon to tell her all this complicated mess? If only I knew years ago, then this wouldn't have happened. That's exactly why I'm a lonely soul with a runaway wife for half my life, huh?" He sighed and texted back a smirk emoji followed by a sleeping panda on a pillow gif.


When Lily and Susu were in line for food, others started conversations with them and they quickly became friends. Meanwhile, Karen was biting her chapped lips and devouring the peeling dead skin with lipstick tint on it because nobody voluntarily spoke to her. Nobody pitied her for getting dragged into the previous conversation. Nobody praised her beauty and all her efforts that she had spent on dressing up. She wasn't able to pass out a single business card tonight because her spotlight was taken by Lily and Susu.


"Really? So wifey is all happy now?" His hands reached up to hold hers against his cheeks and a smile formed on both their faces.


"Shh..everyone has their own stories. There are many people with the weirdest lives that we don't know of. If being normal means to get a plain job and live the rest of my life at ease, then I'd rather choose to go a different way. If being normal means that I can't be with you and take care of you then I'll choose to be the weird one. Nothing in life is a guarantee."

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In the next minute, she lifted her head and gave the most cheerful and blooming smile that he had ever seen. Once again, she had captured his heart and made him fall even deeper in love with her. She wrapped her arms around his neck and tiptoed, "Still angry? Hmm?" She blinked adorably just an inch away from his face.


While hugging Susu, Lily felt her icily temperature hands, "why are your hands so cold? Are you feeling cold?" Immediately, she took the blanket that fell off the bed and covered her up. She took Susu's hands in her own and started rubbing it to warm them up. That was when she noticed that she was covering her right shoulder; the place that she had peeked at earlier.


The guard brought over a new mirror that has an enlarge effect. Karen tried to close her eyes and look away, but the guard forced her to face the mirror.


He praised at her long-sleeved off shoulder V neck white dress that reached midway of her thighs with trimmed layers with embroidered flowers. Pale pink laced flowers freshened up the edges of her dress and around her slim waist line. The tip of her hair was slightly curled with a small updo; exactly the way she loved it.


Feeling her hardened nips, his fingertips teased it in circles and pinched it. His kisses left trails of marks behind and stopped when he reached her collarbones. Sitting up, he watched her bite down on her lips, stare at him with desire in her eyes, and legs spread slowly for him to position himself between them.


When their lips parted once again, they had kissed each other for another ten minutes. Both of them were out of breath again. With their foreheads leaning on each other, they took deep breaths to calm their passionate desires for more. The movie had long been finished, and Netflix was playing a comedy show.


Chen Mu looked at the reports that he left scattered on the floor and let out a scoff. "I'll get my shit together. I'll definitely continue making medicine for her cancer. If one cup of herb tea isn't enough to get rid of a stupid cold, then I'll make a pot of herb soup for her. If that doesn't work then, I will figure ways out. I won't give up hope."



Zi Yan's voice choked a little when she opened her mouth to interrupt their loving moment. "Is there anything we could do while you two are gone? Like a tracking device or something?"



Her left hand pointed to her throat and then the water filled pitcher. "You want water?" Chen Mu grabbed a clean cup and rinsed it before pouring her a warm cup of water. Chen Nan adjusted her bed to make it more comfortable for her to drink water without choking.


"Mm...My future-hubby-to-be is quite impatient. See? That trick works out quite well, doesn't it?" She proudly said as she enjoyed his hands roaming around her body skillfully to her sensitive spots. Soon, the lab was filled with moans, and it didn't stop until a few hours later. It was a great thing that the hospital made the labs soundproof. Those soundproof walls protected many virgin ears.


"Is that a challenge?" he loosened the hug and looked her in the eye with flirting signals all over. Though it was cold out, she could feel the heat rising to her cheeks. She turned around and said, "Let's go~ I'm getting cold. Geez, you and your hidden meanings!"

  • "Okay, so I'll even give the hypothetical situation where he actually knew all those. Then how would we explain the fact that he knew I had another method to proving my work? I mean, the initials were right there, right? How could he have known that I had another trick up my sleeves for that rose stamp?"
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