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Susu maintained a formal smile, "Auntie Shen Wen, I still address you as my Auntie because of respect for my late mother. I told myself when I made that choice to marry Tian Yuo that I will never let this same reason rule over my rationality and choices again. If your request is for me to be friends with him, then I'm sorry. I can't do it." Find authorized novels in Webnovelfaster updates, better experiencePlease click www.webnovel.com www.webnovel.com for visiting.


"Didn't the doctor already give me a thorough body check? I had great results, and he said that I had already recovered. I could eat meat somewhat once in a while." He tried to find a proper argument to refute hers.


Her over sized sweater wrinkled and slanted off her right shoulder, showing off the pearl-like skin underneath the top. The untainted area that nobody has marked was now exposed in front of him. He kissed the tears that escaped her watery eyes. Starting from her forehead, he took his time planting kisses to her nose, cheeks, and finally, the luscious lips that had been waiting for his touch.


"And this here, do you dare say it is not lemongrass and mustard on it? I can prove it to you." Lin Que had the shoe in his hand and maintained his calmness. Everyone knew that the calmer Lin Que looked, the angrier he was.


Other than Lily, no girls had ever acted this close to her, so Susu was a little shocked to see how amiable Ariana acted. Chen Nan chuckled and shouted, "Don't mind her, she's always like that to family. Since she doesn't have any friends here, why don't the two of you have a talk inside the car? Get to know each other more, while we deal with some leftover business."


Despite hearing his words, her actions only fastened and tongue swirled around his tip until she tasted the hot liquid that came out of him. This was his exclusive taste. "Nnn...haa.." She got off him and swallowed his sperm.

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He lifted his head and replied with an energy lacking voice, "Leader Rong, I wouldn't dare ignore your mighty presence. What would you like me to say?"


She felt a rush of helplessness as her body ground against his body. Her hips moved in thrusting movements while colliding with his erection. Her knee raised slightly to service his buddy who was trapped underneath his pants and boxers.


"Haaaa, the shower was nice." She walked to the kitchen counter where he was standing and circled her arms around his waist. He reciprocated the hug and bent down for a kiss, "Good. I already boiled some water and prepared tea leaves if you want some tea."


Susu carefully lifted the rose in her palms and slowly played around with it. No matter which petal she touched or pressed using her fingertips, the rose remained a rose. There was nothing special about it. Everyone took turns touching the rose and even used special light effects to see if there were any written messages on it, but turned out with no luck.


That smile, that kiss, and that loving voice that she used to confess to him almost gave him a heart attack. It took him by surprise. So surprising that he pinched his own cheeks to make sure it hurt. So surprising that he touched her face, watched and heard the girl's mouth repeat, "Chen Mu. I love you too. Should we try dating?"


I had close friends, but because I trapped myself inside the corner of my little world from the abusive two years (almost three) my mindset made me underestimate myself and the people around me. I became insecure and couldn't bring myself to talk about why I was feeling such fear and pain.


He was so glad to hear her response, but she wasn't finished, "One condition. If you could answer this question, then I will gladly throw in a few good words to see if my darling would listen to me."



When the song finished playing for the 5th time, her eyes opened and her lips curved up, "we're here. Let's go." She exited the car after he had parked it and guided him into a newly built condo building.



Finally, she couldn't take it anymore. She had questions and needed answers. Chen Mu noticed her twist and turns on the couch as he washed dishes. He opened the fridge and took out the carton of milk to warm it up for her.


That night, he dreamt of the younger version of himself holding a bouquet of flowers and a ring in his hands. He smiled nervously to check for any leftover foods that may be stuck in-between his teeth and wiped off his sweaty forehead as he rung the doorbell to her house.


Under the starry night, Zhi Hei stood still with an expressionless face as he watched his personal assistant, Shen Qi, torture the spies that were sent by Professor Luo Xia's secret group. After managing Huang Corps for a long enough time, he has taken out many opponents legally and fairly.

  • Her thumbs rubbed against each other as she waited patiently. After a while of standing there and hearing nothing but seagulls in the air, she decided to intiate the talk. "It seems to be very difficult for you to speak, but that's fine. I'll talk first. I'm not sure what's gotten into you for you to suddenly want to communicate with me because you never once wanted to in the past. Whether it waswhen I was a nobody to you back then or wife by status, I've learned my place."
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